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PF Office in Hyderabad

Below are the contact details to visit Regional PF Office Hyderabad for EPF India. We have also provided you with Hyderabad Road Map for your instant reference. Hyderabad is famous for its tourism for lakes, rivers, monuments and gardens. To know more about RPFC Hyderabad, use this site!

PF Office Address Hyderabad

Shri V. P. Ramaiah (Addl. CPFC)
for Andhra Pradesh & Orissa
3-4-763, Bhavishya Nidhi Bhavan,
Barkatpura Chaman, Hyderabad
Andhra Pradesh – 500027.
Phone Numbers: +91-40-27564937
Contact Number: +91-40-27563993
PF Office Hyderabad

Hyderabad PF Office

You may also want to contact RPFC Hyderabad for Regional PF Office Hyderabad

Shri M. Narayanappa (RPFC –I)
Phone Numbers: +91-40-27561977
Contact Number: +91-40-27564054

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21 Responses to “PF Office Hyderabad, PF Office Hyderabad Address, EPF India”

  1. Puran Chettri says:

    Dear Mr. Mohan,
    I am PURAN CHETTRI, Ex-employee of ASTER TELESERVICES PVT. LTD. ( would like to inform u that till to date no PF has been received in my account.
    Again I have re-applied to the PF on last year as per the instructions from ur end but no result.
    Therefore I kindly request you to look in this matter and pls clarify me that why my PF is not being processed.

    With Regards,

    Puran Chettri
    EX – EID : 106222
    MOB- 8420105598

  2. Sushant Sinha says:

    Dear Team,
    I have still yet not received any information regarding my PF Transfer fund. I have placed this request many time but no response came from your end.

    I was working with CMC Limited but on 2010 August got opportunity to work with TCS Ltd. I have raised request for Pension Transfer Amount 6-8 months back but still no confirmation is being given. Request you to please help me in sharing the status and activate my process ASAP. Below share interaction chain between Previous and current Employers . Request you to please expedite this activity on urgent basis or if necessary kindly share the suitable body who deal with this subject.

    Previous Company (CMC) PF Account No : AP/5954/125983
    Pan No : BHPPS3709F

    Sushant Sinha

    • PF Office says:

      In pension transfer there is no physical transfer of money. Only Annexure-K containing your details has been send to current concerned PF Office from previously concerned PF Office. Check the email id of previous concerned Office and send them mail.

  3. srinivas says:

    I had worked in capgemini ind ltd in gurgaon dlf phase 2(haryana).form dec2010 to nov2011,right now i am staying in hyderabad (hometown)doing own business,i have to apply my PF but in hyderabad PF Office they are not taking my application they are saying i have to go to gurgaon n then apply there ,but it is not possible to go gurgaon again. There is no option to transfer my PF coz I am doing my own business, can u pls help me out what is the procedure to apply my PF , i had mailed to gurgaon office too but there is not reply to my mail , I am trying to apply frm last 6 months but no one is giving proper suggestion.
    Please suggest me and do the need full.

    Thank you,

  4. Sashank Reddy says:

    Dear Sir,

    I’ve requested for a PF transfer from Previous PF Ac : AP/44255/1414 to Current PF A/c :MH/BAN/48475/349501.

    This was initiated in April, 2010. PF office has sent a cheque to the current employer. However, it was returned to the PF office as it was issued in incorrect favor and the details of correct name has be sent in a letter enclosed with the cheque. However, since last 2 years, havent received the updated cheque. I’ve raised multiple grievance. Every time I raise a grievance they ask to send a letter stating the correct favor.
    The letter has been sent to hyderabad PF office atleast 5-6 times in the last 1.5 years. However, PF office is not responding.

    Please Let me know what has to be done in this case?

  5. Dhirendra Dhande says:

    August 23, 2012


    Employees Provident Fund Organization,
    Hyderabad, A.P., India

    Subject: Transfer of PF accumulations (F-13) from TH/THA/0002520/000/0024130 to AP/HY/18301/8703 – Not received.

    Dear Sir,

    I am Dhirendra Dhande, presently working in Supermax Personal Care Pvt Ltd – Plot NO: 1, 2&2B, Phase IV, IDA, Jeedimetla, Hyderabad-55 establishment code – 18301

    From 19th Sept-2007 to March-2010, I was working in Vidyut Metallics Pvt Ltd – LBS Marg, PO Wagale Industrial Estate, Thane(W), Mumbai-400604, Maharashtra (PF account no: TH/THA/0002520/000/0024130) & from April-2010 I had been transferred to our Hyderabad Unit i.e. RCC Sales Pvt Ltd – Plot NO:1,2&2B, Phase IV, IDA, Jeedimetla, Hyderabad-55 (PF account no: AP/HY/18301/8703) which name changed to Supermax Personal Care Pvt Ltd after April-12.

    Sir, till date my PF accumulations up to March-10 from PF account no: TH/THA/0002520/000/0024130 had not been transferred to My Hyderabad PF account no: AP/HY/18301/8703. Today, I received letter from PF office (Thane, Maharashtra) stating that your claim form 13 under EPF scheme has been rejected/returned due to following reason: “FORM 13 ALREADY SETTLED ON 2011-12 – A/C CLOSD & TRA. TO AP/HY/18301/8703 CHEQUE NO: 876239 DATED 11/05/2011 AMOUNTING RS. 124299.
    I am attaching the letter received from Thane PF office.

    Sir, when I have checked EPF balance today, it is showing following message.
    “EPF Balance in A/C No. AP/KKP/0018301/000/0008703 is EE Amt: Rs 52902, ER Amt: Rs. 39467 as on 17-08-12 (Accounts updated upto 31-03-2012)-EPFO”

    Please help me out of this sir.

    Yours Faithfully,

    Dhirendra Dhande – 7306390211 –
    Thane PF account: TH/THA/0002520/000/0024130
    Hyderabad PF account: AP/KKP/0018301/000/0008703 – Present account

  6. Sridhar says:

    Respected sir/madam,

    I was an employee of MAVENSOFT Systems Pvt. Ltd.
    Plot No: 203, Kavuri Hills,
    Madhapur, Hyderabad-500081.
    Phone: (040)-23550616,

    from oct 2010 to march 2012. They have deducted PF from my salary and now they are saying that they have no PF accounts, when ever I ask them they are still delaying my payment. Please do the needful.

    Thanks in advance.

  7. Syed Hussain says:

    Dear sir,

    I am a Retired R.T.C.Driver and My Name is S.N.M.Basha,my service 19-7-12 my E.NO # 90684,P.F Account number.AP/HYD/295,AND MY P.P.O Number,AP/RJY/15365,
    Sir I was retired my Services on 30.4.2002,and that time they sanctioned me the pension as a 776/- in that as for my request I am sold my Pension share,Present I am receiving 465/- ),

    But sir after 10 years my loan amount cleared while I am in Services I was sold 25,900/- P.F (Share)But Still I am not Receiving my Old balance 439/- only so kindly look for this and do the need full to me and action,

    Sir please scrutiny my account and do Favour for me to Receive my actual P.F Amount,

    Present address mentioned bellow

    I Submitted a copy for below address ,
    S.N.M.Basha(RTC Driver)
    DNo#28/5/8, Fort street,
    EG Dist:-533255,

    The Assistant Provident Fund Commissioner,
    Employment Provident Fund Organization Ministry of Labour
    Government of India,
    Door no#46/7/12,
    Sri Lakshmi Golden Plaza,
    2nd And 3rd Floor,Danavaipeta,
    Rajahmandry -533103,

    Yours Faith fully ,
    S.N.M.Basha(RCPM Depo Retired Driver)

  8. Shashi Kanth K says:


    My PF account number is AP/HY/38283/155. Please let me know the name as it appears in the PF account statement. This would enable me to check the balance online. I could not reach on phone (27567082)to get this information as nobody responds to the call.


  9. rav says:


    I am woking with a private company for about 7 years.
    Can I withdrow any amount from my PF Account.
    If so what percent and HOw.
    What are the income tax impllications.


  10. Muralidhar.L says:

    1. My PF transfer application Viz Form 13 (revised) dated 9th April 2007
    2. My request letter for transfer of accounts dated 19th August 2007
    3. My request letter for transfer of accounts dated 17th March 2008
    4. My request letter for transfer of accounts dated 4th March 2009
    5. My request letter for transfer of accounts dated 7th February 2010

    Sir, I was employed with M/s Quantech Global Services, Madhapur, Hitech City, Hyderabad 500 081 in lieu of which my monthly PF contributions were deposited at your office since 5th Nov, 2003; until date I have not received any statement of accounts or PF slip for any of the financial years, even after repeated written requests. Later I had changed my employment to M/s Dell International Services, Bangalore, Karnataka in lieu of which holding PF account at Bangalore and also submitted PF transfer application Viz Form 13 (revised) formally through my employer.
    My previous PF A/c No. : AP / HY / 42708 / 210
    My present PF A/c No.: KN / BN / 24960 / 30480
    Subsequently as referenced above I had directly requested to your good self to effect onward A/c transmission, since until date I have not witnessed transfer of accumulations. Henceforth, in my own interest I am placing this reminding plea along with original PF transfer application Viz Form 13 (revised) duly attested by Dell International Services and an affidavit to your good self once again to kindly take an early initiative to
    1. Providing my statement of accounts / accumulation for the financial years 2003 onwards
    2. Transfer my PF accumulations along with membership details in family pension fund to my present account
    3. Providing me a copy of transfer intimation letter / copy of annexure-K, including details like amount, date & DD number
    Curiously looking forward to your co-operation,
    Yours truly,
    # 8, Shree Krupa, I Cross,
    Shakthi Ganapathi Nagar,
    Basaveshwaranagar Post,

  11. G V Siva Kameswara Rao says:


    I have submitted my Form 19 for PF settlement in september my PF A/c No: AP/HYD/59837/1024.

    I am checking the claim status it is showing received on 27/9/12 and under process.

    May I know the status.

    Thanks & Regards
    Kamesh GVS

  12. Mohit Marwal says:

    I need to withdraw my money from my pf account. What documents will be needing and what will be the procedure.

    Mohit marwal

  13. Janardhan Rao V says:

    Dear Sir,

    My PF Account No. is AP/23851/846 is in Patancheru PF office from 2003 to 2008.

    Later I have applied for transfer the above account to My current PF account ap/31591/1306 at Visakapatnam.

    Let me know the status of transfer of above transaction on priority basis.

  14. Chaithanya says:

    I have applied for PF withdrawl in the month of Nov’12. This is third time I am applying for PF with drawl and settlement. I have not got any update as of now on my settlement. Even I have not got rejection letter at any time to the address mentioned in the application form. I tried to reach your helpline numbers…Those numbers are impossible to reach. Every time busy, even if we get line also no one answers it. If I see the status online, it is not showing anything.

    Pls let me know what is the current status of my PF settlement? If rejected what is the reason?

    My PF No.AP/HYD/0016383/000/0017923

    Thanks and Regards,

  15. Mr. Mohan,
    My PF No : AP/HYD/0061800/000/0000109. If I check my PF claim status it has been rejected. I want to know the reason. I didn’t get any mail or post to my address. Please help me on that.


  16. CHANDRAMOHAN says:

    PF Transfer:
    Current EPF account Number: AP/HYD/52186/99
    Previous EPF Account Number: KN/BN/11394/87515

    For the request, Bangalore PF office has sent a cheque to PF COMMISSIONER HYDERABAD. The details are as below,

    Transfer details:
    RS: INR 29583 only
    Cheque Date: 24/05/2010
    Cheque number: 911217

    But the amount is not seen in my present PF account even after three years.

  17. Satyasai Gudimetla says:

    Hello PF Team,

    My PF Account Claim was rejected.
    PF: AP/HYD/56580/000/1731.

    Reasons not mentioned.

    Can you please let me know the reason behind the rejection?

    Satyasai Gudimetla

  18. Sir.

    Iam shaik janibasha. na PF NO AP/HYD/29941/2834 sir ee account balence cheppagalara.

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